Understanding your skin type

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Taking care of your skin implies initially recognizing your skin type and also the best skincare products to match your skin. Skin types could transform, so you could should upgrade your skincare routine at some time in your life. Your age and environmental conditions can certainly affect and changes your skin type. Anxiety as well as changes in hormones could additionally influence your skin. And also, you could require various different skincare products throughout your menstruation or throughout various seasons.

skin types normal
How does normal skin look like?
Normal skin will appear neither dry nor oily. It will have very few discolorations or variances in the tone or skin pigment. It will also be blemish free. You will hardly be able to see pores on people with normal skin, and the skin will appear smooth and clear. For this type of skin, it is recommended to just add a natural cucumber toner to your skincare routine.

skin types oily
How does oily skin look like?
Oily skin will have very shiny appearance most of the time, and it is not due to sweat. People with oily skin have enlarged pores and is more susceptible to acne and blackheads. For the recommended skincare product, use an astringent along with a citrus based cleanser.

skin types dry
How does dry skin look like?
People with dry skin will have flaky, dry and red patches on their face. They will have tight appearance with small pores. SKin kind of skin will look dull or lack of luster. Wrinkles and lines may develop more easily on these type of skins. The recommended skincare product for this type of skin is a soothing chamomile moisturiser.

skin types sensitive
How does sensitive skin look like?
You will be able to observe blotchy patches and redness spots on people with senstive skin. These types of skin are more prone to rashes and the skin is easily irritated. Sometimes, you will find broken capillaries on these types of skin, and the skin may feel itchy or burning. For individuals with this skin type, try using a soothing green tea extract.

skin types combination
Are you having a combined skin type? How does it look like?
There are also a number of people who have combination of the skin types mentioned above, typically the oily but dry skin. For these people, the areas around the chin, forehead and nose will be oily, but the areas around eyes, hair and jawlines are often dry. These skin type are prone to blackheads and they have large pores. For this skin type, try a skin softening product coupled with rosemary extract.

How to determine your skin type:
1. Firstly, wash your face and then gently pat dry.
2. Then, leave your face in its natural condition without putting on any makeup or skincare products for a few hours.
3. Using oil blotting paper, dab on the area of the face, one area at a time.
4. Look at the blotting paper and observe which areas leave an oily residue on the paper, if any. Take note that some areas of the face such as the nose and forehead are a little oily naturally.

Do you know that using the wrong skin products on the wrong type of skin can have adverse effects on your skin? People often think that skin care products are for general usage and caters for all skin type. This is often not true. Lotions and creams are usually remedy for dry skin types, while gels and liquids are typically well suited for oily skins. Serums are generally geared for different areas of combined skin type and sensitive skin. There are also liquids and lotions formulated for combined skin type and sensitive skin too.