Shea butter for hair – the best natural hair products in keeping your hair healthy and protected

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shea butter for hair
When it comes to natural hair care, shea butter for hair takes the lead, and is everywhere. This super ingredient is so versatile that other than for kitchen use, you can use it for your hair care needs. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of African Shea trees which are native to the East and West Africa. This ingredient has healing and moisturizing properties, and is widely used in the best natural hair products and also in skincare products. Shea butter, at its natural and unrefined form, is always the best way to be used. This unrefined substance will give off a yellowish tinge due to the Vitamin A contents and other minerals. When it is refined, the substance will look whitish, and this means that some minerals have also been removed. That is why it is always best to select the unrefined one.

Shea butter for hair benefits are numerous. Because it contains moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities, this ingredient is often used to soothe irritated scalp or to get rid of dandruff. The Vitamins A and E that it contains are the moisturizing and healing properties. It can also moisturize and repair dry and damaged hair, making it shiny and healthy. This ingredient is easily absorbed into your scalp and does not clogged up the pores, fully moisturizing the strand of hair from the roots up till the end. It also acts as a softener for your hair and helps to soften hair that is hard and brittle. Dried or fragile curly hair can be enhanced as well.

Shea butter for hair may be your solution for your hair loss problems

This ingredient has emolliating properties which serves as the perfect sealant for hair to seal in the hair moisture. It is capable of locking in the moisture in the hair without leaving any greasy or other residue. Because of this, it is mostly used for hair treatments, especially curly hair treatment.

Apply this at the ends of the hair to seal in the moisture, or you may also apply it tp the entire strand of hair to protect against the weather. You can apply this ingredient directly, or mix it into your shampoo or conditioner, to provide extra moisture to your hair.

Since shea butter is easily absorbed into the hair strand, and does not only sit on the hair, this provides a layer of coating to the shaft or hair strand, to prevent heat from passing through to the entire strand of hair. Thus, your hair is protected against the heat, either from the sun, or from the curling iron. This layer of protection is especially useful for colored or processed hair. It also contains a measurable amount of SPF to protect the hair from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Using shea butter will help to promote natural hair growth to your system and may help if you are having hair loss problem. Shea butter hair products will always be relevant to the question of how to keep your hair healthy. However, when using shea butter for hair, keep in mind that this ingredient mainly acts as a kind of sealant to lock moisture into your hair, and thus, there need to be some moisture in your hair to begin with.