Shea butter benefits – The best natural skincare

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The best shea butter benefits you never know

shea butter benefits

Shea butter benefits are numerous and the boost in recent trend in going natural has boosted the usage of this superfood in healthcare, particularly skincare. Since traditional times, this butter has been used to reduce scars and stretch marks, to ease various skin irritations and sunburn. It is an ideal topical medicinal and health product, as it melts easily, without being too greasy. Its healing properties also include treating dry skin and dermatitis, and is also known to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is an excellent moisturizer. Its healing properties comes from the fatty acids and plant sterols in the shea butter. These components are oil-soluble and do not turn to soap when alkali is introduced (nonsaponifiable). These fraction of nonsaponifiable components are higher in shea butter than other nuts oil and fats, which makes the coconut oils benefits and the cocoa butter benefits are significantly less in comparison.

Some other shea butter benefits are its usage in medicine, as it is known to have anti inflammatory properties. Shea butter has an international reputation to be an effective treatment for treating some skin conditions such as eczema, burns, rashes, fading scars, extremely dry skin, blemishes, dark spots, chapped lips, and others. It is ideal to use for people with sensitive skin as it usually does not trigger any allergic reaction – it is well tolerated by the skin. Its anti inflammatory properties comes from several derivatives of cinnamic acid, commonly found in cinnamon and balsam trees. Some used shea butter to relief nasal congestion and to manage sinusitis, as it has hydrating properties to help in relieving the tension of the face skin, which in turn will ease respiration.

Shea butter benefits – the amazing ingredient for your skin

Shea butter has anti aging benefits, and there is a huge range of cosmetic product which utilizes some shea butter into their ingredients. Shea butter contains vitamins A and E, which helps to keep the skin supple and healthy, prevents premature facial lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E in shea butter increases micro circulation to the skin, which is basically results in an improved blood circulation in the skin. It also contains catechins, which is plant antioxidants that can be found in green tea. This serve as an anti free radical agent which helps in preventing the harmful effects from the sun and other environmental exposure which can lead to aging skin.

Shea butter is also used in moisturizer creams and emulsion, hair shampoos or conditioners for dry and brittle hair. Some soaps makers also incorporate a little of this amazing ingredient into their product, due to its ability to leave some amount of oil in the soap. Other uses of shea butter which is not cosmetically related includes its usage in musical instruments maintenance. This butter is able to soften and condition leather and wood, therefore musicians use them to make their leather tuning straps more flexible, and to tune the pitch and timbre of drums made from animal skins, and other percussion instruments. Shea butter is also used in cooking, and some maufacturers add shea butter into margarine. Since the shea butter benefits are so numerous and amazing, there has been many shea butter recipes around for those who preferred a homemade skin care cream.