10 must-have essential oil recipes at home

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essential oil recipes
Essential oil recipes are not just used for skin care purposes – essential oils uses are plentiful and can be just the right home remedy for those common colds, flu, fever and to relief those aching muscles and joint pains. There are also essential oil cleaning recipes which can prove to be very effective and better than your common on-the-shelf cleaning products. Here, we give you the 10 most common recipes needed at home for general well being and aromatherapy blends purposes.

Lip balm essential oil recipes

1 tsp all-natural beeswax, carefully grated
2 Tablespoons of sunflower oil or almond oil
10 to 15 droplets of essential oil of lavender, sweet orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, spearmint/peppermint (select one of the essential oil combinations or just one, however make use of just 15 drops of essential oil).
1 pill of vitamin E, this is entirely optional.
Note: Do not make use of the various other essential oils for the lips as they could irritate the skin. Do not make use of scented oils making lip balms.

essential oil recipes
Add beeswax and also almond oil in a microwaveable measuring cup. Microwave them for over one min with high settings, enough time to thaw the wax. In incrementals of 30s, continue heating the mixture until the wax is melted. Be careful as the combination will certainly be hot. Mix in oils with a toothpick. Place lip balm container upright in a little glass and then pour the combination into the top. Enable it to cool down uninterrupted in the container until the mixture turns solid (around 5 or 10 mins). Replace the cap back. This lip balm is an organic lube for the lips and is suitable for remedy or prevention of chapped lips.

Lavender Relaxation Solution

1/4 mug coconut oil
lavender essential oil: 30 to 60 drops

essential oil recipes
Making use of an electrical mixer, beat essential oil with the coconut oil.
Usage: Massage some amount of the mixture right into your skin. Lavender essential oil is can soothe and relax your skin and and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Use them on the skin, particularly on your pulse points and also feet for better relaxation.

Aromatherapy blends: Lavender essential oil eases stress and anxiety as well as promotes rest. It alleviates muscle pains and also heals aggravated skin. It is can soothe and calm you.

Skin scrub and moisturiser

1/4 mug Coconut oil, warmed up to fluid phase
3/4 mug brown sugar
30 drops of lime essential oil
2 tsps lime zest, entirely optional

essential oil recipes
Mix all active ingredients with each other and keep in a glass container.
Usage: One tsp to scrub hands as well as one tbsp to scrub your body in shower or bathtub. Rinse and also dry completely. You will obtain extremely soft skin with fresh and clean smell.

Aromatherapy recipes: Lime essential oil invigorates the mind and increases your energy. It promotes the body’s immune system and also heals dry skin.

Sinus and muscle relief remedy

2 cups of baking soda
2 tablespoons of citric acid
30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
About 1/2 mug water

eucalyptus essential oil recipes
Mix completely dry ingredients with each other. Include essential oil to 1/4 mug of the water. Gradually include water to the dry ingredients, blending as you include. Continuously include water till you are able to hold the mixture in hand. Put them into silicone mold or right into paper muffin cups. Place muffin cups right into muffin tin and then spoon in the blend, filling up the muffin molds into firm molds. Let it dry for 24 to 48 hrs. The eucalyptus essential oils can be released by using them in showers or bathtubs.

Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus essential oil will certainly relieve as well as open up nasal passages breathing, clear the mind and also decontaminate the air. It can relieve the pain from aching muscles and joints if you use them in your bathtub and soak in them.

Remedy to cool and soothe

pepper mint essential oil recipes
Pepper mint essential oil has anti-bacterial, analgesic (it relieves discomfort) as well as anti-inflammatory properties. When you’re feeling extremely hot, it can cool you down as well as rejuvenate you which makes it an ideal remedy for the summer. To assist in cooling down, dilute 3 drops of pepper mint essential oil in a tbsp of coconut oil (or various other carrier oil) and then put the mixture on the rear of your neck as well as chest area. The very same mix could likewise soothe your aching muscles by rubbing it in, or you can utilize it on your temple or forehead to relief headaches. (Caution: Avoid putting the mixture in your eyes).

Other essential oil blends recipes:

Remedy for peace & calm for mothers

ylang ylang essential oil recipes
sandalwood essential oil : 6 drops
ylang ylang essential oil : 6 drops
cypress essential oil : 6 drops
bergamot oil: 6 drops
black pepper oil: 6 drops


Sleep aid remedy for adults:

bergamot essential oil recipes
marjoram oil: 4 drops
frankincense oil: 10 drops
bergamot oil: 10 drops
roman chamomile oil: 12 drops
vetiver essential oil: 12 drops
lavender essential oil: 15 drops
cedarwood essential oil: 10 drops


Essential oil blends for a wakeup call and fight fatigue:

lemon essential oil: 30 drops
eucalyptus essential oil: 8 drops
peppermint oil: 6 drops
cinnamon essential oil: 2 drops

To relief and alleviate bruises:

frankincense essential oil recipes
lavender essential oil: 20 drops
cypress essential oil: 20 drops
frankincense oil: 20 drops


Cold and general sickness prevention remedy:

oregano essential oil recipes
onguard oil: 10 drops
oregano oil: 10 drops
lemon essential oil: 10 drops