Understanding your skin type

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Taking care of your skin implies initially recognizing your skin type and also the best skincare products to match your skin. Skin types could transform, so you could should upgrade your skincare routine at some time in your life. Your age and environmental conditions can certainly affect and changes

10 essential fruits in your diet for radiant and glowing skin

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Radiant and glowing skin all day long is every lady’s secret wish. There are better and more natural ways to get a radiant and glowing skin apart from applying chemically induced moisturizers, toners, creams and other skin care products. To achieve that, you have to care for your skin

10 must-have essential oil recipes at home

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Essential oil recipes are not just used for skin care purposes – essential oils uses are plentiful and can be just the right home remedy for those common colds, flu, fever and to relief those aching muscles and joint pains. There are also essential oil cleaning recipes which can

12 amazing uses for tea tree oil

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What is tea tree oil and how to use tea tree oil Tea tree oil benefits are aplenty and is an extremely effective natural remedy. Tea tree oil also know as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous smell as well as a shade that varies

Lemongrass essential oil – 15 amazing uses and benefits

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What is lemongrass essential oil and its amazing health benefits Lemongrass essential oil comes from lemongrass which is a natural herb that originates from the grass family of Poaceae. Lemongrass oil has a light as well as fresh lemony odor with natural touches. It stimulates, relaxed, soothed and balances

Shea butter for hair – the best natural hair products in keeping your hair healthy and protected

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  When it comes to natural hair care, shea butter for hair takes the lead, and is everywhere. This super ingredient is so versatile that other than for kitchen use, you can use it for your hair care needs. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of African Shea

Shea butter – what users must know when buying

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How to differentiate the many variations of shea butter Shea butter is known to be the skin’s best friends when it comes to treating eczema, sunburns, strecth marks, dry skin, scars and so on. It is also used widely in hair conditioning and shampoos for dry and brittle hair

Shea butter acne treatment – How to get rid of stubborn acne

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How to effectively apply shea butter acne treatment Shea butter acne treatment is an excellent natural way to rid your face of acne, as shea butter is known for their healing properties and non allergic qualities. One recommended treatment is to use shea butter which is enriched with lemongrass

Shea butter recipes – The essential secrets you need to know

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Tips and tricks for homemade shea butter recipes   Shea butter recipes can be difficult and complex to comprehend if you do not know the correct ingredients and techniques. In this post, we will specifically discuss some shea butter recipes for skin, particularly for shea butter acne purposes. The

Shea butter benefits – The best natural skincare

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The best shea butter benefits you never know   Shea butter benefits are numerous and the boost in recent trend in going natural has boosted the usage of this superfood in healthcare, particularly skincare. Since traditional times, this butter has been used to reduce scars and stretch marks, to