Best natural conditioner for hair – real live reviews

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Best natural conditioner for hair – real live reviews For centuries, organic oils have actually been made use of to counter problems with human hair. A conditioner prominent with men in the late Victorian age was Macassar oil, however this item was rather oily making it necessary to pin

Shea butter for hair – the best natural hair products in keeping your hair healthy and protected

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  When it comes to natural hair care, shea butter for hair takes the lead, and is everywhere. This super ingredient is so versatile that other than for kitchen use, you can use it for your hair care needs. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of African Shea

Shea butter acne treatment – How to get rid of stubborn acne

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How to effectively apply shea butter acne treatment Shea butter acne treatment is an excellent natural way to rid your face of acne, as shea butter is known for their healing properties and non allergic qualities. One recommended treatment is to use shea butter which is enriched with lemongrass